5 Easy DIY Science Experiments To Try At Home

5 Easy DIY Science Experiments To Try At Home

Over here at the Sparkles HQ, we know how important the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are to Ellie Sparkles. She loves to encourage young kids to explore these topics, helping them to dream big and reach for the stars in their future careers!  

Any activity that leads kids into the world of STEM gets a big thumbs up from Ellie! So, we’ve come up with a few simple and easy DIY science experiments, simply using everyday items you can find around the house. These ideas are heaps of fun, so why not give them a go with the Sparkles and watch them be amazed by the results! Before you know it, they’ll be drawn into the fascinating world of STEM… and asking for more!   

DIY science experiment ideas: 

1. Oobleck  

Named after Dr Seuss’ sticky green blobs that fall from the sky!  Mix cornstarch with water and ask the Sparkles to tap the surface, then sink their hands into the Oobleck.  Is it a solid or a liquid?!  It’s both, all at the same time, and that makes it a non-Newtonian fluid!  

2. Soda & Mentos Volcano  

Definitely one for the back yard! Take a bottle of soda (diet works best) and add Mentos through a feeder tube.  Stand back quickly and watch the chemical reaction send the soda exploding into the air!   

3. Colored Daisies 

Fab experiment that shows kids how plants absorb water! Just pop individual daisies into jars with a little water.  Add a different food color (or liquid watercolor) to each jar Check back after a few hours and see how the petals have changed color!  Which color has transferred the best? 

4. Gooey Slime  

Watch the chemistry happen as you mix glue, food color, baking powder and saline solution to make totally awesome gooey slime!  Change things up with green alien slime, sparkly glitter slime or multi-colored rainbow slime!  

5. Leak-Proof Bag

Amaze the Sparkles with this little science experiment – they’ll think it’s magic! Fill a zip lock bag two-thirds full of water. Hold it over the Sparkles(!) and push a sharp pencil all the way through.  What do the kids think will happen?  Amazingly, no water will leak out as the polymers in the plastic press towards the pencil and keep the Sparkles dry!   


If you need more details on any of these experiments, you’ll find plenty of tips online, including helpful educational videos.  And when you have a spare moment, why not sit down with the Sparkles and watch Ellie have a go at some Science activities, such as the soda volcano and slime making! The kids will then be raring to have a go themselves!  

Of course, the Sparkles are a little young to understand about molecules, viscosity, Newtonian fluids, absorption and chemical reactions!  But the five ideas above are perfect DIY science projects for the family to try at home and get young minds thinking; we’re sure the kids will have so much fun, be totally wowed and left wanting more.   

You’ve got this moms and dads!  Here’s to a perfect and fun introduction to the world of STEM!  

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