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How to Ace Going Back-to-School 🚌

Hi Sparkle Squad moms and dads! I bet the Squad has been having an awesome summer full of fun, either at Camp or at home. But now, it’s time to think about going back to school. We know this can fill little ones with all sorts of emotions… and hey, that’s ok! One minute they might be feeling excited and looking forward to seeing their classmates again; the next, they could be anxious about being apart from you guys, trying to fit into a new class or settle into a routine again. Here at the Ellie Sparkles HQ, we’ve put together some useful tips to help the Sparkle Squad ace their return to school!

  1. Have a fun ‘Back to School’ shopping trip! All kids love to choose new bits and pieces for school! So perhaps go on a hunt for a cool backpack, a brand-new pencil case and notebook to jot down all their creative ideas and a smart new water bottle for when they’re thirsty from break-time games!  Little ones may need a few new clothes for school, or perhaps there’s new uniform to be bought. And after that long summer break, full of fresh air and fun, they’re bound to need some new school shoes or sneakers... another one for the shopping list!

  1. Get ready for the new routine! In the week before school, it’s a good idea to practice going to bed on time, and getting up early! So gradually move bedtime back to a sensible hour, and the Sparkle Squad will soon be waking up fresh as a daisy! And if it’s a new route to school or a different school bus pick up point, why not do a dummy run? This way, the first day of school can be nice and calm, with no stressful surprises! Just how we like it!
  1. Play dates! If your little ones have had mom or dad around most of the vacation, how about arranging a few play dates away from home, in the run up to school? This will get kids used to spending some time away from you guys, and help avoid separation anxiety when they go off to school. Even better if some of the play dates can be with new classmates; that way they can have fun getting to know each other and see some friendly faces on the first day! And for even more practice at being away from home, I’m sure the Sparkle Squad would love to have some sleepovers with family or good friends too! 
  1. Talk, talk… and talk some more! Lastly, here at the Ellie Sparkles HQ, we think communication is KEY. So perhaps talk to your little ones about going back to school; that way you’ll get an idea whether they’re excited or nervous, or a bit of both! Have some chats about the fun bits – seeing their friends and favorite teachers again, making new friends, starting exciting new projects and going on fun school trips. Make sure they know, just like Ellie does, that it’s completely understandable to feel nervous when facing something new. Ellie also says that when she’s feeling anxious, it’s teamwork that helps get her through it. So just make sure they know you’re ‘with them’ all the way! 

We know you’re going to do a top job of getting the Sparkle Squad back to school! Just remember to have lots of fun along the way…a fab shopping trip with the kids, great play dates and plenty of team chats! Oh, and don’t forget some early nights all round! Back to school will become a breeze!


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