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Backyard Camping Adventure ⛺️

Hey, how are all you moms and dads doing today? We’ve just had a fun idea that we think the Sparkle Squad kids are going to love, and it might also help with any last-minute nerves for Summer Camp 

Tips for setting up camp with kids

Choose a warm, sunny day and ask if they’d like to spend a night camping in the backyard with you! We’re sure it’s going to be a big “Yes please”!   

So, start by putting the tent up and then leave the kids to enjoy transforming the inside into a cozy camp, with cushions, pillows, blankets and quilts! They could even decorate it with pretty fairy lights and brighten up the outside with lanterns and solar lights.   

Enjoy a fun al fresco supper and perhaps even toast some mallows or make some s’mores for a yummy treat! The Sparkle Squad will be so excited to get ready for bed…for a change! When everyone is comfortable inside the tent, read a favorite story out loud, or try making up fun stories, with each person adding a bit on in turn – great for developing those creative storytelling skills!   

Nighttime camping activities for kids

As it gets dark, listen to the night-time sounds together.  Try to work out what they are. Can anyone hear an owl? Encourage everyone to enjoy the sounds and not be frightened. Perhaps pop outside the tent and spend some time looking at the moon and stars. Spot some star clusters and chat about how some astronauts have journeyed to the moon and actually walked on it!   

And after such a fun evening, why not bring out a little late-night snack for a special treat? Then it’s a quick clean of the teeth before settling everyone down for some sleep (fingers crossed!). 

Reflecting on the family camping experience

In the morning, you could present the Sparkle Squad with some ready-prepared Camping Bravery Certificates!  They’ll be so proud of themselves!  And they’re bound to be a little tired the day after, so you guys can have a well-deserved day off from entertaining the Squad!  

In fact, as the kids chill out after all the fun, they might like to watch this Ellie Sparkles episode in which she and Jimmy take part in a Summer Camp Tent Challenge. Ellie has her tent organized with everything she needs, but Jimmy gets up to some cheeky antics in a bid not to lose the challenge!  


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