8 Benefits of Dress Up Play for Kids

8 Benefits of Dress Up Play for Kids

Here at the Sparkles HQ, we’ve been remembering how much we enjoyed dress up play when we were kids. It’s such a fun thing to do, but also gets kids up, moving about and taking part in unstructured play! Ellie loves dress up play too, and she encourages all her Sparkles to give it a go. What better chance do kids have to dream big and let their imaginations go wild?! 

There’s no need for expensive, store-bought costumes though – DIY dress up is SO much more fun. Just fill a box with a choice of simple props, such as hats, sunglasses, unwanted adult clothes and bags of all shapes and sizes, etc.   

Why is DIY dress up play important for kids?

As well as being heaps of fun, did you know there are a huge number of benefits to dress up play? Many of these will help the Sparkles right now but many also stay with them into adult life! Take a look at our list: 

1. Boosts Imagination 

Dress up play allows the Sparkles to be who, what or wherever they like. See them become a superhero, racing driver, dancer, astronaut, princess, doctor or perhaps a firefighter, and watch their imaginations and creativity run free.  

2. Encourages socialization

Give those social skills a boost! The Sparkles will be practicing co-operation, negotiation and ‘give and take’ with siblings and friends, as they agree on stories and rules for their dress up games.  

3. Allows imitation

Kids naturally love to imitate! Get them playing dress up and they’ll soon be learning about the world around them by imitating the lives, emotions and actions of others.   

4. Helps to develop new vocabulary

Dress up play helps kids’ vocabulary. A big part of imitation is using the right words and phrases for the character and situation. Many of these will be new to the Sparkles’ vocabulary but once used, they’ll be there for good!  

5. Helps memory skills

Stretch the Sparkles young brains and practice their memory skills. When dress up, kids recall and act out what they’ve seen or heard around them, whether it’s house chores, DIY projects or favorite bedtime stories.

6. Improves motor skill

Great chance to practice motor skills – fine and large. Whether they’re mastering buttons, zips or jewelry clasps, or running, jumping and twirling in their dress up games, all the Sparkles’ motor skills will be put to the test!

7. Develops empathy

Seeing the world through different eyes. Dressing up as a doctor, firefighter, teacher or parent for the day, while role playing comfort, nurture or rescues, all helps develop the Sparkles’ empathy and emotions.

8. Promotes inclusivity

Dress up allows kids to swap gender roles freely. Being able to become pirates, fairies, princesses or superheroes without judgment is a healthy way to explore different genders.


Watch your kids grow in confidence as they enjoy dress up play, stretching their imaginations and learning both mentally and physically… all while escaping everyday life for just a short while.  Once you’ve checked out all these fab benefits, we think you’ll be keen to start building that DIY dress up box straight away! And once it’s filled with a collection of fun props, you can sit back and watch dress up become one of the Sparkles’ favorite pastimes.

Catch up again soon!

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