8 Budget-Friendly Winter Family Activities

8 Budget-Friendly Winter Family Activities

Here at Sparkles HQ, we’ve been chatting about how rainy, winter days don’t have to be boring! Ellie Sparkles can often be found baking, making indoor camps or watching movies with Jimmy and Coach Rocco on cozy days inside. In fact, there are heaps of ideas that are budget friendly and lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy in the long, winter months. Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration, so we thought we’d put together a few DIY activities for you to have up your winter woolly sleeves, ready for the next rainy day!  

Winter activity ideas for all the family

1. Indoor Camping ⛺️  

Just grab blankets, sheets, cushions and clothes pegs to make the perfect indoor cozy camp!  Perhaps let the Sparkles spend the night in their camp…with some yummy snacks too, of course!  

2. DIY Box Fort 🏰

Save all your cardboard boxes and build a family fort! The more boxes, the taller the fort! The Squad can go wild decorating their fort- perhaps even making it pink and sparkly like Ellie’s! [INSERT VIDEO LINK] 

3. Paper Play ✂️  

Spend some fun, family time enjoying paper crafts, from paper chains, lanterns and snowflakes to potato prints, collages and good old-fashioned coloring! Have a look at our DIY paper craft activities for more ideas.

4. Movie or Games Night 🍿

Settle down together to watch movies, play board games or tackle a jigsaw puzzle! Grab some goodies to munch on…. why not make your own popcorn for the movies!    

5. Science Experiments 🧪

Ellie loves exploring with science! If any of your Sparkles also happen to be budding scientists, check out our list of DIY science experiments for plenty of indoor educational fun! 

6. Baking 🍰

Spend quality time in the kitchen together creating yummy treats! Baking is a perfect winter’s day activity, not only will the kids love it, but they’ll also learn a heap of useful skills and get some gorgeous goodies at the end! See our baking blog for top tips on baking with the Sparkles! 

7. De-clutter and Donate 📦

Chat to the kids about families who are in need of help, and then have a clear out of pre-loved clothes and toys that are no longer needed.  Take them down to the local thrift stores together. It’s a great way to teach little ones to be considerate and think of others.   

8. Holiday Lights 🎄

This one takes the family outside at Christmas time, so wrap up warm and check out the holiday lights and decorations in the neighborhood!  You can drive or walk, scoring them as you go, and make sure you all choose an overall winner!   


As you can see moms and dads, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in the winter months!  We’re sure you’ll come up with other ideas of your own.  Just remember there’s no need for fun to be costly.  Simply make the most of everyday things around the house… DIY activities are often the best!  And make the most of family time… we can’t slow down how fast the Sparkles grow up, but we can give them precious memories that will last forever!   
Catch up again soon!  

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