Easy and Fun DIY Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy and Fun DIY Paper Craft Ideas for Kids

Today we’re talking about activities for the Sparkles that are heaps of fun, but also teach important life skills along the way! Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel helping the kids with coloring? Well, this calming effect is just one of the reasons why coloring and paper craft activities are great for the Sparkle Squad kids!Check out all the benefits in our list below…. and then when you and the Sparkles are raring to get going, choose from our list of paper craft activity suggestions and get stuck in!

10 Benefits of Paper Crafts for Kids

1. Creativity and Imagination

See your kids’ creative flow and imaginations run wild as they choose what to make or draw, and then think about materials and colors.

2. Focus

Encourage the Squad to see their project through to the end and follow instructions carefully. The end result will make it all worthwhile! 

3. Confidence

Give the kids heaps of praise and see their confidence soar as they proudly show off their achievements!

4. Mindfulness

Kids will noticeably relax and become calmer and less anxious, particularly with coloring-in activities.

5. Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills

Simply holding crayons for drawing or coloring helps develop important muscles in the wrist, fingers and hands. Whether the kids are gluing, tearing, bending, twisting, scrunching or cutting (with parental guidance and safety scissors of course), all these activities will help the Squad’s dexterity come on in leaps and bounds!

6. Hand-Eye Coordination

See the Sparkles use their hand-eye coordination as they pick up crayons, use sharpeners, handle different craft materials and color between the lines. All great practice!

7. Knowledge

What better way to learn about colors, color combinations, shapes, patterns and textures!

8. Expression of Emotions

Paper crafting is a useful channel for kids’ emotions. Get an insight into how they’re feeling by the colors they choose (gloomy or bright) and the faces they draw (happy or sad).

9. Social Skills

Inviting the Sparkles’ friends around for some paper crafting fun is a fab way to encourage social skills. See them practice sharing the decisions as well as tools!

10. Family Bonding

Lastly, what a perfect chance to spend quality time with the Sparkles as you work on a creation together! A little time each week will make great memories!


Paper and Craft Activity Ideas For All the Family

Drawing and Coloring

Give kids some paper, pencils and crayons and watch their creativity flow. Make a gallery of their favorite pictures! Or download an Ellie Sparkles coloring sheet!

Paper Fans

Show the Sparkles how to make colorful fans by folding colored paper.Cut up strips of paper for the Squad and get them to transform these into fun paper chains for a variety of occasions.

Paper Weaving

Make homemade table mats by weaving strips cut from two sheets of different colored paper. This is a great fine motor skill activity!

Cardboard Tube Animals

Save cardboard tubes and attach wings, beaks, eyes, ears, whiskers, tails etc using tissue paper, leftover wallpaper, card, felt, wool, googly eyes. See how many different ‘tube’ animals the Sparkles can create!

Popsicle Stick Flowers

Draw flowers, color them in and once cut out, stick onto popsicle sticks or straws.

Hand Prints

Watch the Sparkles have fun making paint handprints! A totally awesome outdoors activity in the summer!

Potato Prints

Cut out potato stamps for the Squad and see them get creative with paint and paper! Or, stamp on to plain parcel paper to create homemade wrap and tags?!

Paper Lanterns

Have a go at making lanterns with the Sparkles. Show them how to follow the directions.

Paper Airplanes

Teach little ones how to make a simple paper airplane. Have a fun flying contest with the finished planes!

Tissue Collage

Draw an outline on paper for the kids; find colored tissue paper and glue and show them how make a pretty collage with balls of scrunched up tissue!

Paper Doll Chain

Show the older kids the magic of making a paper chain of dolls!

What better way to tempt the kids away from their screens for a while! But best of all, at the same time as having fun and relaxing with others, the Sparkles will be stretching their minds and developing their skills, all in readiness for the future!


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