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Empowering Young Girls ūüĎß

Over here at the Ellie Sparkles HQ, we‚Äôve¬†been talking all about empowering girls,¬†and that¬†gets a huge¬†‚Äėthumbs up‚Äô¬†from the Sparkles team!¬†¬†¬†

Ellie loves to encourage her Sparkle Squad girls to dream big and reach for the stars ✨… and that includes working towards the careers and futures they desire and deserve. The Squad may be young and just starting out, but now is a great time to help them believe that the sky really is the limit! 

We’ve come up with a few tips and ideas that will help encourage and empower the Sparkle girls, paving the way for great futures!   

5 Tips For Raising Empowered Kids


1. Encourage curiosity

Teach them to explore the world around them through play; role-play in particular has huge benefits for their development. Acting out real-life scenarios allows kids to experiment and investigate. Their imaginations will be engaged and they’ll start to form opinions and develop likes and dislikes… all fantastic preparation for later life!

2. Explore questions

Try to be patient if¬†the kids¬†are bombarding you with questions; it shows that¬†they¬†want to¬†‚Äėexplore‚Äô¬†and learn¬†about the world around them.¬†We know life can be hectic, but answer their questions¬†whenever you can, and have fun discussions.¬†Don‚Äôt worry¬†if some topics are tricky‚Ķ use it as a great opportunity to look things up together!


3. You can do it!

It‚Äôs a good idea to talk to your¬†Sparkle Squad girls¬†as they grow¬†up,¬†giving them the confidence¬†and belief¬†that they can¬†become¬†anything they want. Whether that‚Äôs¬†climbing¬†to the top of the corporate ladder, or¬†becoming¬†a budding musician, a scientist,¬†sports person, actress, mechanic, fashion designer¬†or engineer¬†‚Ästlet them know that any career they want to strive¬†for,¬†is just fine.¬†The most important thing is that they live their dreams, reach for the top and believe they can do it!


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4. New experiences

Introduce the Sparkle Squad to as many new experiences as possible, so they can learn real life lessons along the way. Take them to museums, concerts, the theatre, on fun nature walks, and discover different parts of the country (and, if possible, the world!) together. And chat about all of it! All these things will open their eyes to the world and its opportunities, and sow seeds for their future lives.

Ellie Sparkles can also help, with her episodes on a whole range of topics, such as music, sport, science, gaming and the environment. Watch these together when you can and chat about them, or even better have a go at the activities afterwards!


5. Be themselves

Most importantly, in true¬†International Day of the Girl¬†spirit, simply encourage the Sparkle Squad girls to be themselves‚Ķ and to¬†give a big ‚Äėthumbs down‚Äô to gender stereotyping!


One last thing .… why not take a look at Ellie Sparkles collection! These make great presents for the Sparkle Squad, and will also remind them to dream big and reach for the things that make them happy!  

Well that’s it for now Sparkle Squad moms and dads! We hope some of these tips will be useful. But just remember, you’ve got this! And your kids are sure to grow up to be superstars, whatever path they decide to follow! 

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    My just turned 5 year old son has been watching ellie sparkles since he just turned 4 and loves her,jimmy and the coach. Kèep up the good work cute lil videos and they arent inapprperiate or under rated. Its good for boys too

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