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Encouraging Kindness 💛

“Kindness can encourage, comfort and bring happiness. It truly is a superpower, and anyone with a superpower is a hero!”Ellie Sparkles


Here at the Ellie Sparkles HQ, we’ve been talking about kindness, and how it’s one of the most important character traits we can encourage in the Sparkle Squad kids. So we thought it might be useful to share some ideas from HQ on how to nurture a natural tendency towards kindness, as well as empathy, in our little Sparkles. Remember, it's cool to be kind! 

1. Kids learn from mom and dad. From the moment they are born, kids experience kindness and empathy from their parents. From the first cuddle after grazing a knee, to encouraging words when they face a hurdle at school, kids learn from those close to them. So as well as being the great parents that you are, always show them how you are kind towards others and get them involved too. Why not bake some cookies together for the new neighbor, take drop them round and offer local advice to help them settle in. Or perhaps go together to visit an elderly friend who may be a bit lonely and would love a chat. (I’m sure they’d appreciate some freshly baked cookies too!)

2. Kindness at school. Talk to your little ones about being kind to others at school. If there’s a new child in the class, encourage your child to talk to them, ask if they’d like to join in with games at playtime, or sit together at lunchtime. Ask your little one to imagine how they would feel if they were the new kid in the class? This will really help introduce them to the life-skill of empathy, and enable them to ‘feel’ the benefits of being kind. Also, of course, talk to the Squad about being kind to each and every one of their classmates! Explain how everyone is different but we all deserve to be treated with the same kindness and understanding. And if they happen to come across someone who is alone or upset in the playground, being the one to offer kindness is a really admirable thing to do, and gets a big thumbs up from Ellie!

As Winnie the Pooh’s friend, Eeyore, said: “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

3. Make use of books. There are some fab storybooks out there which will help teach the Sparkle Squad all about kindness and empathy. Search online or pop down to your local book store with the kids and have a browse! You can have fun reading these to your little ones and talking about the morals of the stories. Or consider a gratitude journal with prompts to help your little ones think about what has made them feel happy that day, considering all that they’re grateful for. And what better time to enjoy these books than at bedtime, ending the day on a happy, positive note!

4. Kindness is a superpower! Last but definitely not least, help encourage kindness in your little ones by talking to them about it being a superpower! And of course, anyone who has a superpower is a hero! You could even sit down at the end of each week and talk about what everyone has been doing to spread a little kindness! It could be simple things such as giving someone a smile, a little gift, or listening to a friend who was upset or worried. Perhaps one of you helped a friend mend something that was broken, gave a compliment or even left someone a happy note! And if the Sparkle Squad shared their toys, that’s a perfect example of kindness, and a big tick in the box! The kids will enjoy talking through their superpower acts of kindness, and will also learn from hearing about yours!


So with all these top tips to hand, we know you’ve got this, moms and dads! The Sparkle Squad is going to grow up with bucket loads of kindness and empathy.

But for perfect little reminders that it’s definitely cool to be kind, take a look at the Ellie Sparkles kindness collection of hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories that are available here! They make perfect gifts too!   

Have fun with the Sparkle Squad and check in with us again soon!


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