Helping Kids Care for the Environment 🌎

Helping Kids Care for the Environment 🌎

Hey, thanks for dropping by! We’ve been having a chat about ways to get the Sparkles onboard with caring for the environment. It’s so important that we teach our kids from an early age to be kind to our planet. After all, they’ll be the ones controlling its future for decades to come! Take a look at our list of fun and positive suggestions; we’re sure they’ll help get the Sparkle Squad giving a big ‘thumbs up’ to looking after the environment.  

Easy Ways to Help Kids Care for the Environment

💧 Save Water

Encourage kids not to waste water with simple tips like turning off the faucet while cleaning our teeth, and not leaving the water running when washing up. Explain that only a tiny amount of the earth’s water is drinkable (less than 1% in fact!) so we need to use it carefully and save enough for everyone! 

💡 Turn the Lights Out

Teach the Sparkles to turn the lights off when they leave a room, to save electricity. Kids learn from watching mom and and of course, so make sure you follow this rule too! And try not to leave computers or TVs on standby…when it comes to saving energy, every little helps!

♻️ Recycling Rules

Set up a simple recycling system and make it a fun chore for the Sparkles to separate out the cardboard, plastic and glass etc. And teach the Squad about the recycling symbols on packaging too, so they can help you pick environmentally friendly products from the store!


🎨 Upcycled Art

Fill a tub with things that would usually be thrown away - cardboard tubes, empty cereal boxes, buttons, soda can tabs, jam jars, plastic bottles and bottle tops -  and encourage the kids to get creative!

🏔 Love of Nature

Enjoying nature is the first step to caring about it, so take the Sparkles outside and enjoy family trips to beaches, forests, lakes and mountains! Discover different types of trees, plants, insects and animals, and make nature bingo cards or go on a scavenger hunt for heaps of outdoor fun!

🌱 Get Gardening

Show the kids how gardening can help the planet!  Teach them how trees are kind to the environment by ‘breathing in’ the damaging carbon dioxide. If you have the space why not plant one of your very own? Or get the kids to help make a wildflower bed – they can watch the pretty flowers grow and then see how our precious bumblebees and butterflies appreciate them too! Perhaps you’ll have room left for a few home-grown veggies, and don’t forget to create a little compost pile too!

🐞 Help the Wildlife

Make cozy hideaways and feeding stations to help the wildlife in your back yard!  Build a fab Wildlife Hotel for ladybugs, bumblebees, woodlice and even perhaps a toad, using materials like bricks, wood, straw, dry grass and leaves, pine cones, terracotta pots and tiles.  Or perhaps make the birds a simple feeder using a plastic bottle, a few twigs poked through for them to perch on and some string to hang it up with! Plus empty coconut shells are great for putting out seed or water for the birds. The Squad will love to see the birds visiting their homemade feeders!

🚮 Take Trash Home

Teach the Sparkles from day one that trash goes home and into the garbage can… and not on the ground! Let them know that rubbish often ends up in rivers and the sea, and can harm animals.  And maybe even do a good deed together and pick up trash (safely of course), from the local park or beach.

🐢 Reusables are Cool

Last but not least, show the kids simple ways to avoid single use plastics and help protect our oceans. By swapping plastic straws for reusable alternatives, using reusable totes, dish covers and sandwich bags, we can make a real difference. Let them choose their very own reusable water bottle to show their friends! 


As you can see, there’s so much fun to be had with the Sparkle Squad as you teach them to be kind to the planet. Before you know it, you’ll have passionate eco-warriors, ready to safeguard the planet for years to come!   

You’ve got this moms and dads!


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