Raising Happy Kids: Finding Joy Every Day 😊

Raising Happy Kids: Finding Joy Every Day 😊

Back here at the Sparkles base, we’ve been talking about HAPPINESS! 😃 Ellie always does her best to spread happiness around by being kind, considerate and caring to others, and this makes Ellie feel happy and content herself. If she could, Ellie would wave a magic wand and make all her little Sparkles happy and full of joy! Instead, we’ve come up with a big bunch of helpful ideas, hints and tips, that we hope will help spread the joy around!    

1. Talk Gratitude.  Talk to the Sparkles about being grateful for the positive things in their lives! Why not share one thing every day with each other that you’re grateful for – this will help ‘train’ their brains to embrace happiness. Perhaps make a gratitude chart together and fill it in each day. How about painting some gratitude stones? Pass one around as you talk about being thankful, or give them out to special friends and family, to show how much you value them.     

2. Encourage Compassion.  Being a compassionate person brings you joy, so here’s a great exercise to try! Ask the Squad to think of someone that’s having a difficult time and suggest a small way they can help. It could be a lonely friend who would enjoy a phone call, a grandparent who’s sick that would love a home-made card, or even a pet that needs some company or birds in the back yard needing more seed! And always show your kids how YOU are compassionate and kind to others, as this will help teach them to do the same.   

3. Replace Negative Thoughts.   A great tip is to teach kids to replace any negative thoughts with more positive ones! If a child is worrying that they’re not good at Math or spelling, explain that it’s ok to find subjects difficult, they’re doing their best and they WILL get there. As Ellie would say, they perhaps can’t do it ‘YET’ but practice makes perfect! Or if someone at school isn’t being friendly, remind them they have other buddies, and are a fab friend themselves. Turning bad thoughts around will help the Sparkles cope with the trickier times. 

4. Together Time.  We know life is busy for all you moms and dads, but try to spend time together as a family, whenever you can. Having a happy family life plays a huge part in a child’s happiness. Simple things such as playing games or watching movies together, going on a scavenger hunts, having fun in the back yard, or having a family dinner makes fun, laughter and those all-important happy memories!   

5. The Wonder of Nature.  Nature is the most wonderful boost to happiness – plus it’s free and right on our doorstep! It helps with mood, can relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce tension. So get the Sparkle Squad used to spending time outdoors. Take them on nature walks, bike rides, picnics, for playtime in the park, or simply find a nice spot and read books together.   

6. Happiness Challenge!  And lastly, why not set you and the kids a happiness challenge! Do an activity together that brings joy and happiness, every day for say, ten days. It could be a craft activity, a walk in the woods or a game inside.  We’re sure the Sparkles are going to love this challenge - just watch everyone’s happiness levels rise!    

We’re sure these hints and tips will help the Sparkles (and you!) become truly happy and content, and better able to cope with the stresses of the world.  So give a try and let us know how you get on.   

Go team Sparkles! 💖

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