How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Family Pet 🦮

How Your Child Can Benefit From Having a Family Pet 🦮

Ellie loves her pet cat, Butters! He’s super cute and loves a cuddle with Ellie when he’s not out on an adventure! And that got us thinking about how good pets are for the Sparkles. They give company and unconditional love, and  even help to slow down the fast pace of our lives. But that’s not all! There are so many more ways that our furry (or scaley!) friends can help us, so we thought we’d share our list with you… and if you’re wondering whether to bring a pet into your family, whether it’s a dog, cat, hamster, reptile, bird or fish, this might just help you make up your mind! 

The Benefits of Pets For Kids

Family Bonds:  A new pet soon becomes part of the family, and caring for it can bring everyone closer. Depending on the type of pet of course, mom, dad and the kids can all share the feeding, grooming and playtime. Taking a dog for a walk is a great activity that the family can all enjoy together, giving lots of time for chatting, away from screens and chores!  

Friendship:  If kids feel lonely they can count on their pet being there for them! Animals may not say much back but just spending time with them, talking about their day, or having a cuddle, nuzzle or pat can make little ones feel less alone. And the happy, bouncy greeting that dogs give when their family comes home is sure to bring big smiles to little faces!   

Responsibility and Routine:  Relying on their family for food, fresh water and exercise, pets are perfect for teaching little ones all about responsibility. Plus it’s also great for showing the Sparkles how to follow a routine! Divide up the tasks and explain how important it is that their pet gets what it needs, at the right time. You could even make a chart and tick the jobs off each day as they’re done!  

Nurturing:  This is a skill that kids need to start practicing when they’re young. So what better way to teach kids how to nurture than by getting a pet or two that they can help look after and care for?!  

Allergens:  Did you know that if kids spend time with pets in their first year, they’re less likely to grow up being allergic to pet dander, as well as common indoor and outdoor allergens?! Now that gets a big Ellie Sparkles thumbs up! 

Physical Activity:  Pets that love to play are so much fun! Kids can set up safe obstacle courses for them in the back yard, teach them simple tricks, help train them or simply play ball together.  With fun dog walks too, the good news is that pets get the Sparkles up, moving about and out into the fresh air!   

Social Skills and Confidence:  Having a pet can help kids to make friends! Known to help with social anxiety, pets give little ones a shared interest and something to talk about with other children.  Why not ask some of the Sparkles’ friends round to meet your furry friends?  Comfort from pets also makes kids less anxious and withdrawn. As long as pets are treated well, they’ll be your friend for life which can raise kids’ self-esteem and confidence no end!  

Help with Learning:  This one deserves a Top Tip Alert!!  As well as teaching kids all about caring, routines and responsibility, pets also make great listeners at reading time… guaranteed to be much less nerve-racking than reading to grown-ups! And with pets’ stress-busting powers, kids will focus better when doing homework and other tasks.   

Experiencing Loss:  Lastly (and this is a hard one for the Sparkles), owning a pet will help teach them to deal with loss. As their pet grows older, talk about the natural circle of life and try to prepare them for the eventual passing of their pet.    

So that’s the end of our HUGE list of all the fab benefits of owning a pet!  But remember, most importantly, pets bring fun, laughter, togetherness and fantastic memories for the whole family!   

And moms and dads… when you get a few moments with the kids, perhaps sit down together  and watch this fun episode in which Ellie meets a dog from the Animal Shelter!   

Happy viewing!  

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