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Practice Makes Perfect!

Hi there! How are we all doing today?  Here at the Sparkles base, we’ve been chatting about two really important words - patience and perseveranceWouldn’t it be great if we were all born with heaps of patience and perseverance Well, many of us aren’t, so if your Sparkle Squad happens to need a little help with these valuable skills, here are six tips that are sure to help!

1. Try turning negative sentences into positive ones Whether kids are struggling with a new sport or a subject at school, disheartened when learning to ride a bike or getting a cake to rise, you might hear the words “I can’t do this”.  Simply add in the golden word “YET” and it becomes “I can’t do this yet”!  Reassure them that with practice and patience, they WILL achieve it.   
2. Surround them with positive phrases to help them conquer any challenges they face.  For example,“I’m not the best, but I try my best!” or if something needs a bit more practice, “I’ll try again tomorrow”.  And of course, the old favorite is still Practice makes perfect! 
3. It’s good to explain to kids that no one is perfect at everything though!  We all feel like giving up at times, but tell them that some things have to be practiced and given a bit more effort before they’re achieved.  The practice is sure to pay off and the huge sense of achievement will be worth all the effort!  So…”If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”! 
4. Practice, practice, practice! As Coach Rocco said to Ellie Sparkles when he was encouraging her, “Sometimes you have to practice something a 100 times before you perfect it”. Watch this episode with the kids and see how Coach helps Ellie with her patience and perseverance.  All her hard work and practice certainly pay off in the end!  
5. Talk to kids about top athletes, famous actors, great chefs, and so on.  Explain that they didn’t start off at the top – they got there with a lot of practice and hard work, along with patience and perseverance. 
6. A little encouragement can go a long way! Ellie, Jimmy and Coach Rocco all encourage each other… and when a goal is achieved, everyone is SO proud!  I’m sure you all know that little ones love to be encouraged with stickers and charts. Or rewarded with home-made certificates and little treats, so keep all these things up your sleeve! 


With a little help from all you Sparkle Squad mentors, we bet the kids are going to be superstars at the three ‘P’s before you can say … practice, patience and perseverance!

Just remember, you’ve got this, moms and dads! 



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