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Spooky Season: Fun Family Activities for Halloween

Hey there Sparkle Squad moms and dads! Here at the Ellie Sparkles HQ, we’re feeling very excited! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. We’ve been making a list of all the fun ways to celebrate this ‘spook-tacular’ day with the family, and just in case you’d like a few extra ideas to give the Sparkle Squad their best Halloween EVER, here it is!

Ideas to entertain this kids at home this Halloween

1. Creepy Baking! 🧁 Have fun making some ghoulish cookies and eerie cupcakes with the Squad. Grab some Halloween-themed food colouring – orange, black and green – and decorate your goodies with spiders and their webs, pumpkins, black cats, tombstones, bats, witch hats and broomsticks! Use icing, sprinkles, mini mallows and all kinds of candy to get that creepy look! Toffee apples, or even yummy chocolate apples, can be fun to make and decorate too! 

2. Ghostly Decorations! How about getting the kids help make Halloween decorations? Suggest they draw some spooky pictures, cut these out for them and hang all around the house. Or make some ghoulish paper chains – a string of spooky bats, ghosts or perhaps pumpkins - and put up some pretend spiders’ webs… with their spiders too, of course!

girl in witch costume with halloween cupcakes  boy and girl in vampire costumes
3. Pumpkin Carving! 🎃  Pick up some pumpkins and help your little ones to carve out some ghoulish faces! (If they’re too little to safely give it a go themselves, I’m sure they’ll be happy to direct mom or dad!) Then light them up with tea lights and proudly display them outside for all to see!

4. Frightful Fancy Dress! 👻  Get everyone dressed up for Halloween! The Sparkle Squad can have so much fun making up their own outfits, or take them out to choose costumes from the store. Dressing up and role play is such a great activity for kids. It encourages their imagination and even helps develop the creative thinking that they will use in adult life. There’s a fun Ellie Sparkles episode that’s all about dressing up for Halloween – why not watch it with the kids in the run up to the big day! 

5. Face Painting! 🎨  Nothing finishes off a Halloween outfit like some great face painting! And whether they want just a few spooky bats and broomsticks, or a full face paint transformation, the Sparkle Squad will be so excited to show off their ghoulish new look! 

6. Trick or Treating! 🍭  So once everyone is dressed and painted, it’s time to go out as a family for that all important trick or treating! The kids will love showing off their outfits and seeing who can collect the most candy.

7. Let’s Party! 🎉  And last but not least, why not get everyone together for a Halloween party! I’m sure the Sparkle Squad would be up for making some spine-tingling invitations, asking friends and family to come along With your baked treats at the ready, ghostly decorations up, fancy dress and face paint on, it’s time for guests to arrive and the party to begin. You could even create a spooky Halloween Treasure (Candy!) Hunt around the house or back yard!

Oh, and no party is complete without music! Enjoy singing along as Ellie and Jimmy live out their Halloween day through songs in The Ellie Sparkles Show:


We hope all these suggestions give you a few extra ‘spook-errific’ ideas! 



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