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Summer Camp Essentials: Activity Ideas 🏕

Hi Sparkle Squad moms and dads! Summer’s here, school’s on vacation and at Ellie Sparkles HQ we’ve been thinking about all the kids who are heading off to Summer Camp!   

Tips for heading off to summer camp

So how are they feeling? We’re sure plenty will be excited and raring to go, but for others, it’s completely understandable to feel a little nervous and anxious, especially if it’s their first time at camp. Be sure to talk to them about camp ahead of the big day; let them know they’ll meet new friends, get a chance to give different activities a go, and most importantly, explain that Summer Camp = a whole lot of fun! 

Perhaps also arrange a few sleepovers with family and friends, to get them more used to staying away from home. And just wait, once kids get stuck in at Camp, their confidence is sure to rocket and they’ll soon see that they’ve got this!  

For Sparkle Squad little ones who are staying at home this summer, there are lots of ways to bring summer camp to your own backyard! Here are a few fun ideas to get you started… 

Outdoor summer camp at home ideas 

Set out on a Sparkle Squad Nature Walk! Spark curiosity in young minds by seeing what insects you can each find – any snails, ants, butterflies or ladybugs? Take some binoculars and count how many different types of birds you can spot? You could even continue the journey at home by looking them up to see what they’re called. Or perhaps collect different shaped leaves and use them to make a leaf rubbing collage with colored crayons!   

How about looking after the birds in your back yard by making them a bird feeder? See what’s in the recycling bin that might be useful - plastic bottles, egg cartons, tubs and so on. Hang the feeder up with string, pop in some bird seed and keep an eye out to see the birds drop by for a tasty snack! 

And just like Ellie Sparkles, we’re sure her Sparkle Squad would love to go on a Scavenger Hunt! Just choose three things for them to spot on the Hunt, such as a heart-shaped stone, a type of insect, spider’s web or worm. The first one to find all three wins a prize, or perhaps hunt as a group for some great teamwork practice! Before heading out, why not sit down with the kids and watch this episode of Ellie Sparkles enjoying the Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt for inspiration!   

Indoor summer camp at home ideas 

It’s not a problem if the weather isn’t great; indoor ideas can be just as much fun! Kids love creating handmade gifts so perhaps encourage them to design and make friendship bracelets for friends and family. Greetings cards are fun to make too! Or head into the kitchen and bake some cookies together to wrap up as yummy presents. On another day, get their imaginations going by grabbing blankets and cushions to build an indoor cozy camp or fort. And for a fun game, teach them how to make paper airplanes and see whose flies the furthest! 

Phew…you guys are going to be busy this summer! BUT…whether it’s off to camp or time at home, be sure to have lots of fun, encourage the Sparkle Squad to think big…and own the day today!   


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