The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2022 🎃

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2022 🎃

With Halloween around the corner, families across the US are starting to get their costumes ready for the big day. In fact, Google searches for ‘Halloween costumes’ have seen a huge 804% increase in the US in the last three months (July to September). 

Spooky season is a big deal at Sparkles HQ, so we’ve undertaken some Google research to reveal the most popular costume ideas inspiring the world this year. We also surveyed 1,000 parents across the US to find out more about families’ spending habits around Halloween costumes and provided our top tips on how your family could save money on your costumes this year!

Which Halloween costume is the most popular in the US this year? 🧙‍♀️

According to the research, a witch is the most popular Halloween costume for children in the United States, with over 22,200 searches on average so far this year! 

This isn’t the only Halloween classic to dominate the top 20. Kids' versions of a ghost (14,000), vampire (9,840), and zombie (8,640) prove to be popular outfit ideas this spooky season. 

Pop culture has also proven to play a big role in costume inspiration. DC comic character, Harley Quinn, ranks as the second most popular Halloween costume for children in 2022 with 21,840 searches this year. Searches for ‘Children’s Harley Quinn Costume’ peaked last year in October reaching over 5.2K searches in one month.

Characters from other popular movies and TV shows such as Venom (21,120), Wednesday Addams (21,120), Michael Myers (14,160), and Spiderman (11,64) also feature in the most in demand dress up ideas.

Despite not making the top 20, children’s costumes for Hocus Pocus’ Sarah Sanderson, Minecraft, Buzz Lightyear, and Stranger Things saw a surge in searches in the last three months (July to September) with increases of 1300%, 800%, 235%, and 173% respectively. 


The states spending the most and least on kids' Halloween costumes each year 💵 

The Ellie Sparkles Show surveyed 1,000 parents across the US to reveal how much families are spending on their children’s Halloween costumes each year.

Overall, the research reveals that on average, US parents spend around $39.84 on Halloween costumes per child each year. But which states are spending the most?

These are the top 10 states where parents are spending the most money on Halloween costumes for their children:

It is parents from Washington D.C. that are splashing the most cash on Halloween outfits, spending $59.15 per child on average each year. 

Nebraska and New Jersey follow closely behind with parents forking out $58.17 and $56.62 per child. 

Overall, the survey revealed that dads tend to spend more money on their children's costumes at $50.18 per child, compared to mums who spend $36.84 per child.

These are the five states where parents are spending the least on Halloween costumes for their children:


Parents living in Wyoming spend the least on Halloween costumes for their children at just $8 per child each year - nearly 639% less than parents in Washington D.C.

Rhode Island and Iowa follow, where parents are spending $21.33 and $21.94 on their children's costumes.


Five ways to save money on kids' Halloween costumes this year

“From boosting imagination to promoting inclusivity, dressing up can be very beneficial to children's development. However, store-bought costumes can be expensive, especially in the run-up to Halloween. 

With this in mind, at The Ellie Sparkles Show, we have put together our five top tips on how you can save money on costumes this spooky season.”

1. Borrow or swap costumes ♻️

To save on buying a new outfit for your child, get in touch with other parents in your friendship circle or community and arrange to trade or borrow old costumes.

2. Plan ahead and take advantage of discounts 🏷

Don’t leave Halloween shopping till the last minute. Plan ahead and start thinking of outfits from November the 1st the year before. This way you can take advantage of discounts as stores get rid of their Halloween stock. Avoid trends, and stick to classic costume options that you can guarantee will be a hit every year. 

3. Create a Halloween budget 📝

Set and stick to a budget for your Halloween spending. You can get your kids involved and give them their own budget at the store to teach money management. Try thrift or discount stores to find the best deals to get the most out of your budget.

4. Sell your old costumes 🛍

If you’re not recycling or trading old costumes, put them up for sale to earn some extra cash to put towards this year's outfit. Use resell apps or local marketplaces to target like-minded shoppers. 

5. Make your own costumes ✂️

One of the best ways to save money on costumes is to make them yourself. Browse through your family's wardrobes and get creative with face paint. You can also make this into a fun Halloween activity for the kids to enjoy. 

Need some costume inspiration? Visit The Ellie Sparkles Show’s DIY costume page.




Survey statistics regarding the average cost spent on children's Halloween costumes are from a survey The Ellie Sparkles Show carried out to 1,000 US parents of children (5-8 years old). 

*Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and South Dakota we emitted from the states’ spending habits due to the lack of respondents in these states. 

To reveal the most popular Halloween costumes in 2022, The Ellie Sparkles Show used Google Keyword Planner to reveal the most-searched-for children's costumes average monthly search volumes of each costume in the last 12 months. The total search volume was calculated by adding the volumes of the following terms ‘childrens/childs * costume’, ‘childrens/Childs * Halloween costume’, ‘childrens/childs * dress up’, and 'childrens/childs * fancy dress’.

This research was commissioned by WildBrain Spark, owner and producer of The Ellie Sparkles Show

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