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Winter Holiday Activities ✨

Hey Sparkle Squad moms and dads! If you’d like help with keeping the Sparkle Squad occupied during the winter holidays, here at Sparkles HQ we’ve come up with a whole heap of fun ideas for you. So whether the kids fancy getting creative, going exploring, or being an astronaut for the day, we have some top tips for ‘happy holidays’!   


Get Creative Indoors!

  • Put together a fun craft box! Fill it with things like colored tissue paper, felt, buttons, ribbon, gems, feathers, pom poms, stickers, coloring pens, and so on! Top it up regularly, and it will become a great ‘go to’ when the kids want something to do. Why not suggest they use the box to make their own cards for friends and family? These could be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or simply Happy Holiday cards!   
  • Make paper chains with the Squad!  You can pick up kits of pretty patterned paper strips, or you can show the kids how to make cute cut-out chains of snowmen, Christmas trees or angels! Have a look online for some templates (and help the kids with the cutting-out of course). Color them in and use to decorate the house! 
  • How about getting the kids to create their own festive wrapping paper, using potato stamps and paint?  Cut out the stamps for them, get some large sheets of plain paper and watch them have fun designing their unique Christmas wrap!   
  • Kids love playing games, so imagine how proud they’d be of their own home-made versions!  Snakes & Ladders is a great one to try. Show them how to draw the ladders and wiggly snakes on a numbered grid, or cut them out so they can be shuffled around each game!   
  • Time with mom or dad in the kitchen baking is always a treat! Cut out festive-shapes and use colored icing and silver balls for decoration. Perhaps wrap up some of the home-made goodies to give as presents to proud grandparents! 


Winter Adventures Outdoors!

  • Get the kids out into the fresh air with a winter scavenger hunt! Write a list of things to spot such as berries, pine cones, large golden leaves, birds, animal tracks, icicles, a snowman or even the kids’ own breath in the cold air! 
  • If you wake up to a crisp and frosty morning, wrap the Sparkle Squad up in their hats and scarves and go out for a magical, icy walk. Look for pretty ice crystals on branches and leaves, beautiful sparkling cobwebs and frozen puddles to ‘skate’ across, before heading home for hot chocolate and mallows!  
  • While you’re out with the kids on scavenger hunts and frosty walks, get them to take some wintry fun photos.  Back home they can put together a winter photo collage! Or collect different shaped leaves, twigs, holly sprigs and cones ready for a winter collage! 
  • And of course if it happens to snow, there’s endless fun to be had: sledging, snowballs and snowman building, while older ones can have a go at building an igloo!  

On top of all these ideas, the kids can enjoy dressing up or making cozy camps with blankets, chairs and cushions - perfect for traditional role play fun with siblings and friends.   

With all these ideas up mom and dad’s sleeves, the Sparkle Squad will be spoilt for choice this winter… and plenty of memories are sure to be made! And remember, Ellie Sparkles is always on hand with plenty of fun episodes to watch, when a bit of quiet time is needed!  

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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