Who is Ellie Sparkles?

Ellie Sparkles is an American children’s entertainer and the star of The Ellie Sparkles Show on YouTube and YouTube Kids. Ellie Sparkles engages kids and family audiences through unique short stories and adventures, providing fun, safe and relatable content that attracts millions of viewers from around the world. 

About The Ellie Sparkles Show 

Whether at home, camp, school, or traveling somewhere new, watch as Ellie curiously explores the world around her, learning along the way. Weekly episodes are packed with fun-filled adventure as Ellie takes on challenges with her friends Jimmy and Casey, with a helping hand from Coach Rocco. Expect heaps of games, dress-up, STEM experiments, DIY activities, and more!
The Ellie Sparkles Show is created by WildBrain Spark and Egg Head Studios.
Parents can stay up to date with all the latest from Ellie Sparkles across Instagram and Facebook, watch the newest episodes by subscribing to The Ellie Sparkles Show YouTube channel, and shop Ellie Sparkles collections through the online store



Where does Ellie Sparkles live?  

Ellie Sparkles lives in Greater New York metropolitan area. 

Where does Ellie Sparkles go to school? 

Ellie Sparkles goes to Brookhaven School. 

What is Ellie Sparkles’ ethnicity?  

Ellie Sparkles is Asian-American. 

Who is Jimmy from the Ellie Sparkles Show?  

Jimmy is Ellie Sparkles’ classmate and friend. 

Who is Coach Rocco from The Ellie Sparkles Show?  

Coach Rocco is Ellie’s sports teacher from school. 

Who is Ellie Sparkles in real life? 

Ellie Sparkles is played by Sara Rahman, a professional actor and graduate from NYU Tisch School of Arts.   

Where can I watch Ellie Sparkles?  Ellie Sparkles is available to watch on YouTube and YouTube Kids. Just search for The Ellie Sparkles Show